Our Programme

Our Programme

The Preschool’s programmes are formulated within the framework of the Ministry of Education Regulations and supporting licencing criteria along with the New Zealand Curriculum for Early Childhood (Te Whaariki). The programmes are planned to provide a balance between self choice and group learning experiences. Children and their families are actively encouraged to participate fully within our community of learners. Literacy and music have a strong focus through our programmes with planned group times held throughout the day.

  • Individual Portfolios

A Portfolio for each child provide a purposeful record of participation in our curriculum. We encourage family to be a partner in their child's learning and one way to do this is by sharing information through their child’s portfolio. Children's dispositions for learning and their involvement, along with family aspirations, are then able to be used as a tool for reflection and further goal setting. Families are able to discuss their child's needs and involvement with staff and appointments for more in depth discussions can be arranged.

  • Preschool and Family

We strive to provide an inclusive atmosphere that respects family/whanau aspirations for children and acknowledges the partnership between our early childhood setting and families. Families are most welcome to stay at Preschool anytime during our operating hours. Friends and relatives are also welcome to come along to visit. Throughout the year a variety of activities are arranged that may be of interest to families such as informative workshops, family get togethers and fundraising ventures.

  • Transition to School Programme

Wednesday 12:30 - 3:30 for children 4 years old & over

This 3 hour programme enables children to build competence in skills for future learning in the school environment and in the key competencies outlined in the NZ curriculum. The children participate in organised group work planned to promote communication, co-operation and independent self-management. Each child has an individual storywriting folder where they keep their literacy work to take home at regular intervals to share their progress.

  • Workbooks

Children over 3½ are regularly offered the opportunity to undertake planned activities with a teacher supporting them 1 to 1 to build competencies for working effectively and constructively. This work is collected in an activity book and is available for you to share with your child.

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